Extending the Arts through Philanthropy

Saskia has established a program to assist colleges, universities and museums in acquiring a philanthropic donation of the Saskia Digital Archive. In so doing, the donor creates a lasting gift and legacy in his or her name, as well as a legitimate tax shelter. We have developed an elegant, hand-bound book of supporting information that can be sent to your selected arts patron to help convey the value of the gift of the Saskia Digital Archive as an important and enduring visual resource to be shared by faculty, students and research fellows.

Saskia, Ltd. is the leading provider of high-quality images for the teaching of art history. Saskia was founded in 1966 by Ron Wiedenhoeft, then doctoral candidate in art and architectural history at Columbia University, and his wife Renate. By photographing each summer over a period of thirty-eight years and during sabbaticals, the archive has now grown to 30,000 images. The Saskia archive is used successfully in introductory courses as well as specialized seminars of Art History and has enhanced a broad range of art history pedagogy and many other disciplines.

Saskia's Site License Agreement enables institutions to build digital collections. These images are licensed to educational institutions for a one-time fee, based on their size, with no recurring costs or annual subscriptions. This guarantees that the gift of this valuable resource and the curriculum it supports will be appreciated by students and scholars in perpetuity.

If you feel you would like to pursue this avenue and would like us to help generate the interest in the Saskia Arts Philanthropy Program, please call Renate Wiedenhoeft, President, Saskia Ltd. at 1-207-221-6277, for further information.