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'Torre de la Parada' Series in the Prado
Slide set # 1148. 35 Original Slides

Set includes works by JORDAENS, RUBENS, GOWY, QUELLIN and VOS.

Allegory of Painting and Sculpture
Slide set # 1113. 9 Original Slides


Ancient Art: Greek Monuments in Sicily, Italy
Slide Set # 2228. 237 mostly Original Slides

Recent additions to Ancient Art Sets CDR-2201 and CDR-2209.

Ancient Art: Minoan Art in the Museum in Herakleion, Crete
Slide Set #2204. 80 Original Slides

Important works of Minoan art from the Archaeological Museum in Herakleion, Crete. Works covered include the Bull's Head Rhyton, Bull-Leaper and "La Parisienne" frescoes, and the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus

Ancient Art: Stonehenge and Orkney Islands
Slide set # 1182. 99 Digital Slides

Set of images includes views from the stunning sites at Stonehenge and the Orkney World Heritage Site with views of the Neolithic sites of the Skara Brae stone village, the standing stone circle at Ring of Brodgar, and the Stones of Stenness. This ancient land also offers later sites associated with the Vikings and Picts such as the Brough of Birsay and the Broch of Gurness, as well as structures from Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Ancient Sculpture from the Museo Nazionale in Rome
Slide set # 1090. 47 Original Slides

Set includes the Ludovisi Throne, Myron's Diskobolos and the Sarcophagus of Gordon III, among others.

Angels in Art
Slide set # 1084. 22 Duplicate Slides

Set includes examples of the Italian, Spanish, Flemish and German Schools by artists like Rubens, Velasquez and Raphael.

Angels: A Survey from Medieval times to the19th century
Slide set # 1085. 79 Original Slides

Broad Selection of Angels in religious works of art

Bernardo Bellotto
Slide set # 1082. 69 Original Slides

Important works from the museums in Vienna, Warsaw and Dresden.

Byzantine Churches & Mosaics in Greece and Sicily
Slide set # 1180. 350 Duplicate Slides

Set includes the lovely group of churches at Mistras, the exemplary architecture and mosaics of Hosios Loukas, and the glittering Sicilio-Norman gem of Monreale.

Early Christian and Byzantine: Byzantine Churches and Mosaics in Greece & Sicily
Slide Set # 2226. 370 Duplicate Slides

Set of Duplicates includes the lovely group of churches at Mistras, the unusual site of Meteora, the exemplary architecture and mosaics of Hosios Loukas, and the glittering Sicilio-Norman gem of Monreale.

Eighteenth Century France: from Watteau to Precursors of Romantic Realism
Slide set # 2235. 350 Original and Duplicate Slides

Examples of painting trends in the Eighteenth Century from the aristocratic frivolity of Watteau and Boucher to the subdued contemplative interiors of Chardin and the moralizing genre scenes of Greuze. Also includes works by Fragonard, Lancret, Pater, Vernet, etc.

Eighteenth Century Italy: A Postscript
Slide set # 2234. 325 Original and Duplicate Slides

Includes works by Ricci, Pellegrini, Pannini, Magnasco, Piazetta, Tiepolo, Longhi, Carriera, Canaletto and Guardi

Gothic: Gothic Architecture in Northern Europe
Slide Set # 1162. 610 Duplicate Slides

The set includes examples ranging from early French Gothic St. Denis, to the "purest realization" of High Gothic at Amiens Cathedral as well as stained glass from Chartres. Other examples range from Salisbury in England to Cologne in Germany, as well as examples of bridges, city gates, vernacular architecture, etc.

Masterworks from The Prado
Slide set # 1151. 1175 Original and Duplicate Slides

Selection of works from major schools, incl. Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and German

The Old Master Collection in Dresden
Slide set # 1051. 150 Original and Duplicate Slides

Set includes works by van Eyck, Rembrandt, Rubens, Duerer and Correggio, among others

Mythology 101
Slide set # 1149. 250 Original and Duplicate Slides

Contents of set based upon individual selections from subject listings on mythological themes in the Saskia archive.

Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Painting: Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Slide set # 2409. 630 Digital Images

This extensive set includes paintings by Courbet, Manet, Degas, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, van Gogh, Gauguin and many others.

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture: Historic Berlin
Slide set # 1184. 160 Digital Images

Berlin regained its prominence when Germany was unified again in 1989. Its historic core, Berlin-Mitte, has been restored to its pre-war glory: Unter den Linden with its grand old buildings, the Brandenburger Tor, the Museumsinsel and the Nikolaiviertel on the Fischer Insel recall Berlin's grandeur under the Kaiser. Still missing is the Stadtschloss; it is scheduled to be built soon with private funds.

Nineteenth Century: American Landscapes
Slide set # 1121. 88 Original Slides

Romantic American landscapes, including works by Bierstadt, Moran, Church and others

Nineteenth Century: Introduction to Romanticism
Slide set # 1179. 200 Original Slides

Set illustrates the diverse subjects and styles included in the philosophic/aesthetic movement of Romanticism that emerged in the 1790s. Here are examples ranging from the sublime mystery of nature and the re-evaluation of landscape painting, to a renewed sense of history--especially the medieval--and an interest in the sensuality of the exotic East

Northern Baroque: Rubens and the Glory of Power
Slide set # 2230. 850 Original and Duplicates

Works by Rubens, van Dyck, Jordaens, Frans Snyders, Peter Lely and Gottfried Kneller

Northern Baroque: VERMEER and the Quiet Revolution
Slide set # 2231. 410 Original and Duplicate Slides

Artists included: Adriaen Brower, A. van Ostade, I. van Ostade, Teniers the younger, Gerard Dou, Ter Borch, C. Fabritius, Jan Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Jan Steen, Jan van Goyen, Jacob van Ruisdael, Meinert Hobbema, Aelbert Cuyp, Hercules Seghers, Jan van Huysum, Pieter Jansz Saenredam

Northern Renaissance: Hieronymus Bosch
Slide set # 1098. 95 Originals and Duplicate Slides

Set includes The Garden of Earthly Delights and other important works from the Prado and the Last Judgment Altar from Vienna

Seventeenth Century France: Classical Idealism and Despotism
Slide set # 2232. 230 Original and Duplicate Slides

Includes works of art by Poussin, Claude Lorrain, LeBrun, Mignard, Philippe de Champaigne, Rigaud and the Le Nain Brothers

Historic Events and Battle Scenes (other than Biblical and in Western Art only)
Slide set # 1087. 285 Original and Duplicate Slides

Depictions of Historic Events, from Ancient to the 20th century

Twentieth Century Architecture: Berlin Reconstruction after the Fall of the Wall
Slide set # 1161. 110 Original Slides

Set includes the Reichstag with dome (FOSTER), SONY complex and new buildings in "Berlin-Mitte," and Model of Plan of Central Berlin, as commissioned by the Stadtentwicklung in Berlin.

Visby, World Heritage Site
Slide Set # 2212. 79 Original Slides

Hanseatic Town of Visby declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. Former Viking Settlement, 12-13th c.

Visions and Dreams
Slide set # 1139. 80 Original and Duplicate Slides

Set includes examples of Jacob's Dream, Vision of San Filippo Neri and St. John and others.