A Tradition of Quality


- MEANINGFUL ARCHIVE: For over 40 years, Saskia Ltd., has been a leading provider of core, art historical images of Western European civilization from many of the world's most important collections including the Prado, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Uffizi and the Louvre, as well as archaeological sites in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Egypt.

- SCHOLARLY PHOTOGRAPHY: Saskia images are based on original photography in front of the work of art by a professional photographer and art historian whose knowledge infuses the particular perspectives with pedagogical relevance and whose interpretations have been praised by art historians.

- RESPECTED QUALITY: Our continual investment in state-of-the-art, in-house photographic and scanning equipment allows Saskia to maintain quality standards for its images that are recognized among the highest in the industry.


- NO RECURRING FEES: Saskia's Site License Agreement enables institutions to build digital collections; images are licensed in perpetuity for a one-time fee. Acquisition of Saskia images vs. on-going subscription charges guarantees resources are available to support the curriculum developed by faculty over time.

- NO WASTED FUNDS - License just what you need and not a bundled collection of images. Saskia offers the digital images that comprise the core of the art history curriculum. You can license any number of individual images or any of our sets including ones that support broad survey courses, a specific textbook or an in-depth area of study.


- EFFICIENT ORDERING of Saskia images and those of many other vendors are available on the Scholars Resource website at www.scholarsresource.com which maintains your institution's order history to eliminate duplication in orders over time.

- SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Catalog metadata is conveniently provided for each image and can be easily integrated into your environment. We can tailor this data to align with your database structure.

- TECHNICAL EASE: All of our digital images are available in a range of formats and sizes that allow for flexibility in use with consistent and high-quality presentation. We can also customize a specific format to fit with your existing collection. To enable faster transmission, our images are provided on CD ROM or DVD and loaded onto your local network.